1. Very keen to become one of the best finishers in the world, says Indian Women’s Hockey Team Forward Navjot Kaur
  2. Eager to watch the FIH Hockey Pro League tie between Germany-Belgium this month, says Harmanpreet Singh
  3. Hockey India congratulates Dr RP Singh following UP Govt’s decision to name road after the former India Captain
  4. Hockey India ensuring Women’s Team gets equal importance as the Men’s Team was most crucial in my journey, says Khel Ratna Rani
  5. Hockey India celebrated Major Dhyanchand’s 115th birth anniversary in full fervor


Code of Conduct

1Chairman Mr. Rickey Ganapathy
2Member Convener Mrs. Champa Dilip
3Member Legal Mrs. Lakshmi Subedar
4MemberMr. Cheeyanna A B
5MemberMr. Vinay V S

Sexual Harassment

1Chairperson Mrs. Jamuna Anoop
2Member Convener Mrs. Heera Shetty
3Member Legal Mr. Poonacha K K
4Athlete Representative Ms. Krithika K K
5Member Mr. Aiyappa P A
6MemberMr. Ganapathy K S

Age Fraud

1ChairmanMr. Kariappa B J
2Member Convener Mr. Vickram Kanth
3Member Legal Mrs. Lakshmi Subedar
4Athlete Representative Mr. Somanna K M
5Member Mr. Cheeyanna A B
6MemberMr. S B Ramesh
7Member Mr. Appanna K.S

Anti Doping

1ChairmanMr. Raghunath V R
2Member Convener Mr. Aiyappa P A
3Member Legal Mrs. Heera Shetty
4Athlete Representative Mr. Nilesh Kongetira
5Member Mr. Ganapathy K S
6Member Ms. Krithika K K

Anti Corruption Regulations

1Chairman Mr. Aiyappa P A
2Member Convener Mr. Rickey Ganapathy
3Member Legal Mrs. Champa Dilip
4Athlete Representative Mr. Pavin Ponnanna
5MemberMr. Appanna K.S
6Member Mr. Nilesh Kongetira

Selection Committee

1Chairman Dr. A B Subbaiah
2Member Mr. Kariappa B J
3MemberMr. Poonacha K K
4MemberMr. Raghunath V R
5Member Mr. Vinay V S
6MemberMr. Vickram Kanth

Masters Committee

1Chairman Dr. A B Subbaiah
2ConvenorMrs. Jamuna Anoop
3MemberMrs. Heera Shetty
4MemberMrs. Champa Dilip
5MemberMr. Poonacha K K
6MemberMr. B J Kariappa
7MemberMr. Rickey Ganapathy