Confession: i am one of those annoying people who, every February, covers exactly how Valentine’s Day is actually a crock of you-know-what because it must not take a unique, sickeningly nice, Hallmark-y trip to tell you to love your partner. Yearly it gets hipper to dislike on Valentine’s Day, to the point your machines nearly appear poised to tip back additional way. In 2015, will the cooler-than-thou children have to start honoring V-Day versus condemning it? What an unusual world that would be…

Though the anti-Valentine’s time forces are loud, it would appear that we tend to be privately celebrating anyhow. eHarmony asked 3000 people when they had strategies for Valentine’s Day 2014 and about 64percent of them mentioned that they might be investing the holiday with that special someone. This is what they’d planned (or otherwise not):

  • 17% of people said they’d perhaps not prepared everything at the time of the survey (that was accomplished just 3 days before romantic days celebration!).
  • 6per cent said that they had placed countless preparing to the occasion.
  • Most people, unsurprisingly, dropped somewhere in the center – they’d put at least a little bit of thought in to the holiday, but were not heading all-out.
  • Men happened to be the romantics associated with the lot. While women had been more likely to state they’d accomplished almost no to no planning whatsoever, men were almost certainly going to state that they had completed a good quantity of preparation or a lot of planning their own valentine.

Very good news for married people: wedding gets a terrible rap for dulling the spark, although damage – at the least where valentine’s is concerned – is honestly overstated. Lovers who were matchmaking solely had been probably to possess plans, at 89percent, but at 82percent maried people were not much trailing. Partners who were engaged happened to be the smallest amount of likely to make any ideas, perhaps since they are as well active preparing their wedding parties.

As soon as the wedding day eventually comes, here’s what we’re up to:

  • 37% of individuals drop by meal with their honeys.
  • 26% prefer an enchanting meal in.
  • 18% miss the dinner 1 / 2 entirely and go straight away to a motion picture date.
  • 71per cent men and women decide to give their particular valentine something special (79percent of men, 65% of females).
  • Women rated their gift tastes along these lines: flowers (17percent), precious jewelry (16%), intimacy (17percent), a credit (12%), and a spa time (11per cent).
  • guys voted highly in support of closeness because ideal Valentine’s Day present (40percent), but then lined up was a card (11per cent).

and most of the naysayers, eHarmony also found that the largest reasons men and women say they celebrate valentine’s are relationship, hookup, and genuine enjoyment with the holiday.